Fonzie was quite a regular attendant at Borgia's Palace, with 3 well-known vices: booze, tobacco, and the ladies. If only he had enough money, Fonzie would show everyone the meaning of the word 'party'. And when he suddenly inherited a small fortune from an uncle, he didn't miss the opportunity! Knowing all of Ottavia's tricks, he easily managed to double it... multiple times! Being chased by Aldo (no one dares disrespect the Montana!), Fonzie found home in the Uppers clan. Jonas, you have a rival now!


  • A 'well deserved' fortune: Inflict 30 Damages with Fonzie

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  • His name is based off of Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli (also known as "The Fonz"), a character from the popular American sitcom, Happy Days. Like Fonzie, Arthur also had a reputation of being a heartthrob.
  • His second level form bears a resemblance to Dan Bilzerian, who is also a professional gambler.

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