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Clan Sakrohm
Bonus -8 Opp. Atk., Min. 3
Artist Rudy Lespinet
Released February 12, 2006
Stars 4
Stats Lv1 1/3
Stats Lv2 4/3
Stats Lv3 4/5
Stats Lv4 4/7


Guru claims to have picked up Gastroboy, the little robot who is clearly a product of Poldacho-Golgovinian military technology, when it "fell off the back of a truck". Heavily armed but with very low level "artificial intelligence", Gastroboy is nonetheless useful to the sect who have modified his circuits to make him the first ever cyber-preacher.


Advantages and Disadvantages


  • His 7 Damage is menacing and makes it easy to KO with other Sakrohm members.
  • His Bonus helps him win a round and guarantee those extra 7 Damage.
  • If paired with Amber, he can be a 4* 7/7 with Bonus.


  • His 4 Power is terrible, especially as a 4* with no Ability.
  • Since he lacks an Ability, he can't really back up that 7 Damage and/or make up for his low Power.


  • His name is a take-off on Astro Boy, an anime about a super-powered robot boy.
  • On January 28, 2016, he was redesigned by Rudy Lespinet.

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