One is only too familiar with the story of the teenager whose passion for a given artist's music leads them to an insane way of life in an attempt to break into the ruthless world of stardom and become a renowned singer... In the case of shy Gemma, despite a crystal clear voice, that dream had been shattered by her dealings with lecherous music producers, condemning her to a pitiful show in the measly Red One Motel under the alias of Gemmz. One might say that being contaminated by Xantiax turned out to be her path to freedom. Her rage broke her voice into something powerful and gravelly capable of making your hair turn grey in just one verse... Exactly what was needed in Lizzy's band who took her in as lead singer and final link to complete a raging machine ready to crush the audience!


  • Mega death growl: Remove 20 Life points from your opponents with Gemmz

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  • When said out loud, her name translates to 'gems', which could be a loose nod to the fictional singer, Jem.
  • Her final level is based of off Alissa White-Gluz, vocalist of Arch Enemy.

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