PARADOX 42.png
Clan Paradox
Bonus Asymmetry : Damage +3
Ability Cancel Opp  Attack Modif.
Rarirty Common
Released July 10, 2020
Artist djethoblaster
Stars 3
Stats lv 1 2/1
Stats lv 2 8/1(Ability activated)
Stats lv 3 8/3

Genash was locked up because he was one of those people who have a tendency to cut open everything they see to find out "how it works on the inside". He wanted to know how anything that moved worked… Released from the asylum due to a lack of space and because he wasn’t considered a danger, he was recruited by the Paradox and lost no time in pursuing his passion on poor stuffed animals before experimenting on the city's clans!


  • How it works in the inside: Win 40 rounds with Genash.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Both his name and appearance in his last level artwork are based off of the Hindu god, Ganesha, who is often depicted as having an elephant head.
  • His profile mentioned that he was discharged due to a lack of space. This is a nod to how mental hospitals were often overcrowded and normally had to discharge low-threatening patients to alleviate the problem.

Card Artwork

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