After several years of pointless effort, the Montana clan have finally promoted Pino, making him head of the clan's canteen. So now's the time to pass on his old van to Giacomo his pizzaiolo. Yes, you know, the nice old man who used to make the pizzas. In actual fact, he's an old crook who’s delighted to be rid of his boss because now he can finally go into business with Valter Bianco. The plan is straight-forward enough: sell Xantio-serum from the traveling restaurant to create new aficionados and boost the clan's sales. And to avoid getting caught by the Sentinel, he's found a tried and tested and mouth-watering way to dish out the goodies. Yep, you’ve guessed it!


  • Pillza A Go-Go: Do 9 Poison Damage with Giacomo

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  • Since Valter Bianco is based off of Walter White, Giacomo's pizzas could be a nodd to the pizza on the roof scene in Breaking Bad or how drugs would be smuggled in buckets of fried chicken (which is referenced in Valter Bianco's fourth level art).
  • In his new blood announcement, the pillz-smuggling treats he creates are called pillzas.
  • He was released early due to a federal holiday in Urban Rivals' native country of France.
  • His name is the Italian version of James and Jacob.

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