To know your enemy well, you must analyze him in depth. At least that’s the lesson Sergeant Glover learnt several years ago after taking part in a dissection performed by Embolt. Except that rather than searching around in alien intestines, which is pretty revolting, the soldier prefers to study their technology. However, as a result of constantly messing around with Ngrath's on sale weapons stocks, he fatally stumbled on a form of life that has literally opened his mind. The poor sergeant has been transformed into a high-performance, emotionless war machine! But for No Nam, so long as he does his job on the ground, there's nothing wrong with that!


  • Infested Technology: Inflict 100 Damages with Glover

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His power is 8 which is good.
  • His ability adds 3 damage to him, making him a possible 8/5.
  • His ability reduces his opponent's power and damage by 1, with a very low min of 2.


  • His base damage is 3, which is a little low.


  • He was released early due to a federal holiday in Urban Rivals' native country of France.
  • His name may have been inspired by the American actor, Danny Glover.

Card Artwork

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