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Clan Bangers
Bonus Pow +2
Ability Stop Opp Ability
Rarity Rare
Artist Kahouet
Released March 30, 2007
Stars 2
Stats Lv1 3/1
Stats Lv2 6/2(Ability activated)


Graff became mute after his parents' tragic death. Refusing to go to an orphanage, he made the ghetto his new home and as a means of expression perfected his graffiti skills on every wall in the city. Noticed by the Bangers, who he now considers as his new family, he learnt to speak with his fists, Chikko-style...

Web comic

This card hasn't appeared in a web comic yet.


  • Street Art: Inflict 100 damages with Graff.
  • Pictorial Rivalry: Win 20 rounds with Graff in deathmatch mode. (10/12/2010 - 09/01/2011)

Advantages and Disadvantages





  • Graff's name is a variation of the word, graffiti, what he specializes in.
  • His departure story goes as:" While the strength of the Government may seem limited, their influence over Clint City is something else. Alone, the 5 of them have been able to seize power and deprive the clans of their autonomy. It's now impossible to escape their control, such is their presence in the streets, homes and minds of the Clint City people. Graff, who was already firmly committed to his streets friends, became even more radicalized after the Oculus revelation. His new masterpiece is a mural representing the Government in a satanic pentagram, and is now daubed all over the city's walls. But just recently, the mute street artist seems to have become even more subdued... Rumor has it that the Oculus have captured him to turn him into a Host, or even that he was looking for a Dominion wizard to transform his pentagrams into actual curses! For Kreenk and Pearl, the investigation has only just begun..."

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