Despite the general ruthlessness of the fauna from the Lost World, there are some species that rather than using violence to survive, are very talented at going unnoticed or being uncatchable. Gum, the little dinosaur, combined both these abilities with his supersonic speed and minuscule stature, to the extent that he dared to steal from the clan's fruit supplies and always managed to get away with it. However, the little dinosaur made the mistake of under-estimating Rex Sweig who, thanks to a well-placed trap, caught him as a gift for his wife who simply loves Jurassic curiosities. Trained in a meticulously cruel way and under the orders of his new mistress, it didn't take long for the little frugivore to be transformed into a ferocious animal that, to Scarol's great despair, was extremely fond of fresh dodo. His arrival in Clint City can only mean one thing… his mistress can't be far behind.


  • Fast Taker: Win 10 fights with a KO from Gum. (New Blood)
  • Speed and Danger: Win 20 Round with Gum

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He appears in "Kolos the Lost World" in the titular character's origin story where he scared Gum (in his 2nd level form) so hard that it made him cry. This was what convinced Kolos that he didn't have it in him to be a vicious monster and left for The Lost World.


  • He is the second dinosaur to join the Raptors, after Chopper Ld.
  • The last sentence in his bio foreshadowed the release of Impera Sloane
  • He is based on manga character, Gon.
  • His first mission title is a nod to the song by the band, Manowar.
  • The second missions is a nod to the song by the band, Battle Beast.

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