When Hachi signed the disclaimer to be placed in the hands of Dr Saw so he could work on finding a cure for his genetic illness, he hadn't imagined he'd end up in the depths of some godforsaken GHEIST laboratory. Treated like a guinea pig for months on end, he endured all number of bizarre experiments that completely changed his anatomy. However, poor Hachi's agony finally came to an end when Astrid presented a new range of parasitical wasps that Dr Saw believed might have the required immunological effect. After a last operation, worthy of your worst nightmares, Hachi was finally cured! Not to mention being symbiotically linked forever more to a swarm of killer wasps!


  • Caught in the Wasp's Nest: Do 30 Poison Damage with Hachi

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  • He is based off of The Pain, a character from the popular action-adventure game series, Metal Gear. Like Hachi, The Pain also had a scarred face and could also control insects at his will.
  • His name is Japanese for the number '8', which coincides with his first level artwork, since, if you look closely, there are eight hornets in the tubes (2 tubes has 3 each and one has only 2).

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