There are two types of cook: the ones who cook for their husbands and the ones who cook for pleasure. And then there's Holly. She loves cooking but couldn’t bear to see some macho guy gobble down her cakes. So she saves them for her girlfriends, and is ready to protect her giant muffins from any man, even if it means using them as missiles!

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • She has a 7 power, which is good.
  • Her ability can give her a potential 9 power.
  • Her bonus reduces her opponent's damage by two, with a low minimum of 1.
  • Her damage is 5 which is also good.


  • Her ability is Courage-based, meaning it will not activate when playing second.
  • She is a 4 star so she takes up room in your deck.


  • She might be a homage to the Israeli sweet pastry chef, Carine Goren.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

From left to right: Lv 1, Lv 2, Lv 3 and Lv 4

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