At first, one could have thought it was just a coincidence. A husband who dies and a fiancé who disappears are things that happen. But after a while, one has to face facts. And the fact is that men don't last very long around Ivana.

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  • Ivana is a take on Ivana Trump since both had several marriages on and off, while Ivanka seems to be happily married still.
  • Ivana has the pun for 'Ivana go pattie' which her name closely homophonal to the phrase 'I wanna'.

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Physical Appearance

Ivana appears to be a slightly stoic and gothical styled young lady. She has a white bob cut hairstyle reaching down her long neck. Her posture is quite tight to herself, making herself look more selfish by looks. Ivana's attire changes most prominently.

In her Level 1 mode, Ivana wears a gray turtleneck shirt with a black bustier covering until her gown. Her skirt is bright puce, reaching above the knees and appears most likely a pleated skirt. She wears a black stilleto looking high heels that seems almost impossible to stand on.

In her Level 2(last) mode, Ivana changes into some most formal, a silky rosewood(color) strapless evening gown that is revealing to the torso and has a long cut at the right part of the skirt. She has a small leather purse while holding a magnum gun on her left. She wears a particularly terra cotta knee high socks.

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