After bringing many treasures to the surface, one day Kousto recovered a strange golden lamp. When he touched it, the Ifrit prisoner inside it manifested itself to Bloodh! "I'll grant you one wish for setting me free…" "My wish is for you to serve the captain of this ship for the rest of your life!" And this is how Jasmine joined the Piranas crew… For sure, a fire creator and manipulator will come in handy. But Ifrits are not to be taken lightly: they have an evil and tricky spirit, and one day Jasmine may decide to serve a new "captain of the ship": herself!


  • And the Other 2 Wishes?: Win 15 fights with a knockout by Jasmine

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Her name may be based off of Princess Jasmine from the Disney animated film, Aladdin, where one of the central characters is a genie.
  • Her tiny horns might be based off of the Oni (demons) from Urusei Yatsura.
  • She is based off of two characters from the Shantae game series. The first is the half-genie protagonist, Shantae, and the second is the antagonist pirate, Risky Boots.

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