Do you know Kelly Knowlands? You just might if you're a client of the Clint City Bank but I doubt you've noticed her. She tends to pass unnoticed. What very few people know is that by night she gets herself all dolled up and turns into Jayzel, the fetish singer of the Pink Club. And there, there's no way you can miss her!


  • Theatrical Costume: Win 70 rounds with Jayzel

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Jayzel's real name is a take-off on the singer, Kelly Rowland.
  • She was going to be a drag queen (who's name would be Rory), but her first level artwork and bio were changed before release. The reason why it was changed is obviously because (according to UR Staff and Vanoxymore) there will never be any man in the Pussycats.
    • This rule was broken/changed when Schatzi joined the clan.
  • Her name could based off of porn star, Jazy Berlin.

Card Artwork

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