Joan Cenaaa 01.png
Clan Uppers
Bonus -10 Opp Atk, Min 3
Ability Pow:Exchange
Rarity Rare
Artist Tregis
Released February 14, 2019
Stars 3
Stats Lv1 4/3
Stats Lv2 5/3
Stats Lv3 5/4(Ability activated)


What's the point of having bodyguards when you're the toughest actress in Clint City? Always smiling and elegant on the red carpet, this young Uppers member doesn't hanker after her old life and the long training sessions she used to endure with McNeal. Now, far from the world of martial arts and perfectly integrated into the jet-set, she's beautiful, proud AND HER NAME IS JOAN CENAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!


  • You can't see her:  Win 15 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Joan Cena
  • Watch out!: Win 30 rounds with Joan Cena in tourney mode

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Both her name and appearance are based off of world-renowned wrestler, actor, and emcee, John Cena.
    • The name of her first mission is a nod to his catchphrase, "You can't see me."

Full Artwork

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