Clan GhosTown

Day:  +1 Power And Damage

Night: -1 Opp Pow. And Damage

Ability Damage +5
Rarity Uncommon
Artist Laura Bevon
Released June 9, 2017
Stars 5
Stats lv 2 3/2
Stats lv 3 4/3
Stats lv 4 5/4
Stats lv 5 7/4 (Ability activated)


RIP John, an extremely punctual train driver who on one fatal occasion was the victim of a failed attack that left him running late... In a desperate attempt to overcome his delay, poor John pushed his locomotive so hard it exploded into smithereens on arriving at the station.


  • RIP John: Inflict 100 damage with John O Clock

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • When the day bonus is active, John O Clock becomes a potential 8/10, and therefore can KO the opponent with fury from turn one.
  • This card can work as a solid bluff due to the OHKO potential.
  • When the Day Bonus and Ability are active, he boasts an impressive 8 power and 10 damage.
  • Even if his Damage is reduced, he can still deal a fair amount of Damage.


  • John O Clock depends heavily on his ability and bonus, which all boost his personal stats. This leaves him vulnerable to any Damage or Power reduction, as well as any enemy Bonuses.
  • Unlike Kolos Cr, Mechakolos Cr, General Cr, and other 1HKO cards, John O Clock relies fully on both his Bonus and Ability to have kill potential, resulting in heavy disadvantage against "Stop" cards.
  • The dependence on the Day Bonus means he can only be played effectively during the "Day" cycle, and therefore can't be placed into decks which utilize the Night Bonus.
  • Without his Bonus or Ability, he is only a 7/4, which is underwhelming as a 5*.
  • This card is very vulnerable to any SoB or SoA.
  • His 1HKO purpose is ruined by any Damage reduction.
  • He is very vulnerable to Power and Attack manipulation.
  • He is essentially (with the Day Bonus) a copy of General Cr without the ability.
  • 5* is pretty heavy for such a risky card.
  • He is just a beat stick, there are no additional effects besides Damage.
  • He has competition from GhosTown's other 5* cards.


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