<format>UPPERS 128 Uppers</format>
       <data source="ability">
           <label>Icon-ability Ability</label>
       <data source="bonus">
           <label>Icon-bonus Bonus</label>
           <default>-10 Opp. Attack, Min. 3</default>
       <data source="rarity">
       <data source="gender">
           <format>Female Female</format>
       <header>4 Stars (★★★★)</header>
       <data source="level1">
           <label>Stats Lv 1</label>
           <format>Icon-power 4 Icon-damage 1 </format>
       <data source="level2">
           <label>Stats Lv 2</label>
           <format>Icon-power 5 Icon-damage 3 </format>
       <data source="level3">
           <label>Stats Lv 3</label>
           <format>Icon-power 6 Icon-damage 5 </format>
       <data source="level4">
           <label>Stats Lv 4</label>
           <format>Icon-power 7 Icon-damage 6 (Gains Ability)</format>
       <data source="level5">
           <label>Stats Lv 5</label>
           <format>Icon-power  Icon-damage  </format>
       <header>Meta Info</header>
       <data source="released">
       <data source="retired">
       <data source="artist">



Principal dancer Josephine came from nothing. She started her career as a regular dancer at Borgia's Palace in Bella Ld's show but as far as she was concerned, that was just a stepping stone on the way to fulfilling her true ambitions. Having seduced Donnie, she persuaded him to buy her a little cheetah and with it created her own show, "Princess Froufrou", which went on to enjoy international success. Creating a scandal wherever she goes - her fake marriage to Peeler, her dubious relations with the Government's secret services and her project to buy out the Clint City zoo - she's multiplied her contacts and managed to secure herself a place in Clint City's most elitist circle: the Uppers Club.


  • The Lady and the Cheetah: Inflict 60 Damages with Josephine
  • Princess Froufrou: Win 40 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Josephine

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Her base power is 7, which is good for a 4*.
  • Her base damage is 6, which is also good.
  • Her ability increases her stats by two, making her a potential 9/8.
  • She is a good card to use against GHEIST and Roots.
  • SoB doesn't bother her, since she can still rely on her stats.
  • Her ability makes her a very good bluff, especially when facing GHEIST and Roots.
  • The clan bonus decreases an opponent's attack by 10, which helps in low-pill fights.


  • Her ability is Stop-based, meaning it only activates when it is cancelled. It also makes her predictable.
  • She is weak against power and damage reduction.
  • She is a 4*, so she takes up room in your deck.
  • She has competition from the other 4* in Uppers.


  • She is based off of famous French-American entertainer, Josephine Baker. Like Josephine, Baker also: owned her own cheetah, was well-known for her erotic dances, was married four times, and had a successful silent film in France called Princess Tam Tam, which is based off of this Josephine's TV show.
  • Her appearance is similar to Tiana from the Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog.

Card Artwork

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