GHOSTOWN 42 (1).png
Clan GhosTown

Day: Power And Damage +1

Night: -1 Opp Pow. And Damage, Min 1


Night: -2 Opp Att. Per Life Left, Min 1

Day: -2 Opp. Att. Per Pillz Left, Min 1

Rarity Rare
Released September 29, 2017
Artist fudgegraphik
Stars 3
Stats lv 1 1/4
Stats lv 2 4/4
Stats lv 3 6/4(Ability activated)

I was once a fair and honest judge, but mankind's justice system left me totally disillusioned and I signed a pact with the god of death: my life in exchange for the ability to judge the souls of the rich and the poor, the guilty and the innocent, regardless of their past demeanors. So now in my current role as circuit judge between Purgatory and the Great Beyond, I know all there is to know about its inhabitants. And in my opinion, they are all guilty and must atone for their sins as ghosts back on earth, where they must relive their deaths time and time again, before earning the right to eternal rest. They're sure gonna have to provide me with a lot of time and gold to convince me their hour has come!


  • Dura Lex...: Win 10 rounds with Judge Lynch in survivor mode.
  • ...Sed Lex!: Win 15 fights with a knockout from Judge Lynch.
  • Judge Lynch's Heir: Win 1000 fights with GhosTown.
  • A Deo Rex, A Rege Lex: Inflict 1000 damage with Judge Lynch.
  • Sentenza: Win 13 rounds with Judge Lynch.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • He is the forth clan leader, after Boris Cr, and two of the 4 Komboka sisters, to not be either a 4* or a 5*.
  • He is the first member of GhosTown whose bio doesn't start with 'R.I.P.'. This could be because, unlike the other clan members, he has not exactly died.
  • His name is based off of a punishment where the victim is hanged from their neck, usually by a mob.
  • The idea of writing the names of the ones who will die in a book is a reference to the popular anime and movie, Death Note.
  • The names of his two missions translates to, "it is harsh, but it is the law."
  • His second level artwork may be based off of Theodore Roosevelt, who has a statue of him on a horse in front of the Natural History Museum in New York.
  • His fourth mission's name means: "From God, the king; from the king, the law."

Card Artwork

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