After four rounds, the player with the most health wins, unless a player loses all 12 Life Points, usually by losing one or more rounds and losing the same amount of health as damage that is written on the card. When a KO occurs, the player who KO'ed the opponent will win the match, and in ranked matches such as the Survivor, ELO, Tourney or Coliseum modes, the winner will receive bonus points for managing to KO their opponent. The points and ranking system can be found in the links below:

Urban Rivals decks can take different stances on KO, such as:

[NOTICE: This only takes into account a clan's bonus, not each card's potential ability(that would be way too long to fully write about!); this list does not necessarily portray how the game is always played. Each clan has varying tactics to win a game, which is what makes Urban Rivals fun.]

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