Kate is credited with creating Urban Rivals. She is drawn by Phalloide. There was not much known about her until Memento was released, who

Kate's face

was also confirmed to be her father. Both are confirmed to be involved heavily in many of the events in Clint City.


  • Kate is a behind-the-scenes character that buys and sells cards from players. She can also be seen when a player opens up the Mission menu and during tournament results. She also runs Deathmatches.
  • However, after Memento was released, a member of the Leader who worked for the Government, she was confirmed to be his oldest daughter and also be involved in many of the events which happened in Clint City. Both are also confirmed to be the main manipulators of the Government and their crimes.
    • It was later revealed in Memento's bio, that both have been manipulated by the Oculus and a currently unknown being to cause all events and recruit all characters in Clint City.
    • It is also confirmed, that neither Kate nor Memento know the fate of the other one and both are servants of a being yet to be unknown.
    • Kate sent Volkan Cr away from Clint City.


Kate is often seen wearing green and carrying a small pistol.

Kate mission.png


  • Kate is involved with creating updates to the game (Supposedly).
  • Nothing is known about the real Kate; be it her name, real country, etc.
  • Memento is her father and in the Golden Wave CR Announcement, she is revealed to be the one manipulating the Government (and therefore many of the events in Clint City), together with her father. This makes her and Memento the main antagonists for the other clans.


  • If a player searches her name and clicks on it, they will be brought to their own player page, as seen by others.
  • Kate is always seen with 5-stars.
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