NIGHTMARE 42 (1).png
Clan Nightmare
Bonus Stop Opp Bonus
Ability +2 Life Per Dmg
Rarity Rare/Collector/Mythic
Artist APEKA
Released February 15, 2007
Retired September 17, 2012
Mythic July 3, 2017
Stars 4
Stats lv1 2/1
Stats lv2 4/1
Stats lv3 5/1
Stats lv4 6/3 (Ability activated)

Disciple of the God Griffonmor , Kenny is not like the other members of Nightmare. Ielena only accepted him in the clan because she hopes to discover the secret of the sacred fire... The secret of this destructive force is known by just one of Clint City's families...


Barbecue All Round: Inflict 100 Damages with Kenny Mt

Advantages & Disadvantages



  • His base Power of 6 is pretty low for a 4*, so the opponent won't have to Pillz much to beat you (a standard 4* in the current meta has often has 7 or 8 Power).
  • His 3 base Damage is feeble and is only viable Damage-wise with Fury.
  • He's weak to any SoA, which completely ruin his purpose. Damage reducers also greatly reduce the usefulness of Kenny Mt.
  • He's also weak to Power manipulation as he can't afford to bet such an incredible Ability on 6 Power, without even mentioning anything lower.
  • He's four stars so he takes up a fair bit of room in your deck.


  • Kenny's appearance in the first two level pics are loosely based off famous fictional boy, Harry Potter. Griffonmor is a spoof on Gryffindor, the house Harry Potter is in.
  • Many players claimed to have joined the game after seeing a banner with him on it.
  • He also makes a cameo appearance in the web comics. He can be seen leading the zombie kids into battle against Chloe, Havok, and Klaus.
  • The reason he became CR in the storyline is that Nightmare was over-using his power to the point that it's running out and he had to leave to recover his powers. Many players speculate he actually became Collector because the Harry Potter movies came to an end.
  • He is the first Non-Soleil Nightmare to become Cr.
  • When Kenny being Cr was announced, fans wrote on his comments board the line 'Oh my God, they Cr'ed Kenny! You bastard!' referencing the line 'Oh my God, they killed Kenny! You bastard!' from the adult TV show, South Park.
  • Kenny was bullied by his neighbor, Alec Mt, while growing up.
    • This plot line would eventually be resolved in the short story, "Heroes", which tells of how they both went Mythic.
    • A pentagram is shown on Kenny's forehead in his Level 4 appearance.
  • In late December of 2018, the card was redesigned.
  • He was later resurrected as part of the GhosTown clan under his new name, Kenny West.
    • Interestingly, he is the second Nightmare character to be resurrected into the GhosTown clan, with the first being Ielena Mt under her new alias, La Comtesse.

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