It was a strange day for Kent when his arms and legs disintegrated into dust to make way for a typhoon of energy which very nearly signaled the end of Clint City. Fortunately Kephren happened to be in town and disaster was once again avoided! He gave Kent two mystical rings that allowed him to somehow channel this devastating energy. Kent has remained in his “scattered” state ever since but after receiving some training at the academy, he now makes the most of the very significant advantages independent limbs can offer.


  • Rocket Punch: Win 10 rounds with Kent

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • He, Eloxia, and Snowflake are the only Skeelz students to have their classes identified in the first level. Unlike Eloxia and Snowflake, Kent is not a Nature student.
  • The fact that his limbs are not attached to his body may be based off of the popular video game character, Rayman.
  • His orgin could be a nod to the story of the Egyptian god, Osiris, whose body was chopped up and scattered about. Like Kephren, Isis (Osiris' wife) reassembled Osiris with Egyptian magic.
  • The ring he wears could be a reference to DC Comics' Green Lantern.

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