If you thought entering Dregn's personal guard was a challenge, then you probably weren't aware of Shaakarti's entrance exam, which consists of bare-knuckle fighting against the Gunjos, a marathon in Mount Glatz's empoisoned swamp and duels on the lava rivers. In short, a whole host of tests, each more deadly than the last. And given that Shaakarti is opposed to the use of Crystal, only the participants' natural aptitudes will get them through this exacting challenge. So, after a very bloody selection process, it's Khaali - one of the last remaining survivors of the Bengar tribe - who has finally earned the honor of accompanying the warrior princess back to the past.


  • Survivor of the Future: Gain 60 pillz with Khaali

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Her 1st level artwork is based off of Jack from the popular sci-fi action game, Mass Effect 2.
    • Coincidentally, her 2nd and 3rd level artwork is also based off of Jack from the aforementioned video game's sequel, Mass Effect 3.

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