The volcanic island, a luxuriant paradise in danger. 20 years after the mysterious explosion that killed all the men from their tribe, the Komboka women are now facing a new scourge from Clint City: rising water levels spewing out a continent of waste onto their coastlines. With no hope for the future, these merciless warriors, led by the Four Sisters, cross the ocean to massacre all those responsible for this outrage.

Release Date

  • First Card: May 03, 2019
  • First New Blood Wave: May 10, 2019


+1 Pillz And Life: If Komboka wins the fight, the player controlling Komboka will win 1 Life points & 1 Pillz at the end of the round.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • In the Swahili language, Komboka means "exercise".
  • They are the second clan to start out with only one gender, with the first being the Pussycats; however, they have two male members in Schatzi and Kit-E.
    • Incidentally, both clans' male members are non-human.
  • The clan is based off the Polynesian culture, while their names have a Kurdish and Swahili origin.
  • They are the second clan to be driven to Clint City due to environmental reasons; in their case, high sea level; the first ones were the Frozn.
  • Their clan theme and history are heavily based on the Amazons, a warrior women tribe from Greek Mythology. Both consist only of women (with the Komboka's male members being non-human), but while the Komboka women's men were all killed, the Amazons rejected them.
  • Confirmed by Baraa, the Komboka women could still have sex with men and get pregnant, even though their men were killed (Just like the Amazons, who had sex and children despite despising men).
  • It is unknown if born children in the Komboka clan are only girls, or if boys could possibly be born from Komboka women.
  • They are the 7th clan to have a female leader with the Pussycats, Nightmare (formerly), Rescue (formerly), Frozn (formerly), Raptors (albeit shared with a man, formerly), and Hive.
    • They are also the second clan to have more that one leader (the 4 sisters), with the Raptors being the only other clan with that honor. They are also the only clan to have more than two.
  • The explosion, which killed all the men from their tribe, was caused by Kaizerin's bomb, the founder of the Pussycats clan.
    • This could explain why the Komboka hate the Pussycats and want to destroy them, thus resulting in both clans rivaling each other.
    • They are the second clan to be created by a member of another clan, in their case by the bomb Kaizerin from the Pussycats designed. The first one was the Dominion clan, who was created by Ielena Cr from the Nightmare clan.
    • In Advisor's 1891 bio, it was later revealed that the Komboka eventually found out that Kaizerin was the reason for both the destruction of the island as well as the eradication of the male members of their tribe, and they set out to seek revenge on her by assassinating her, although they failed to do so thanks to her protection by the Government.
  • The clan's secondary bio reads as "As fiery as a volcano and as powerful as a tsunami, we, the Komboka, are here to change course. Our tribe of Amazons rely solely on strong base stats to win fights by amassing as many lives and pillz as possible. And we show no mercy to anyone who gets in the way of our road to revenge!" 
  • Their concept of the 4 elements' mastery and manipulation is taken off many popular series and movies, most notably from the Nickelodeon Show, Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    • Like the Komboka, there were four nations (Komboka have tribes), who focused on one of the 4 elements: Water, Earth, Air, and Fire.
  • They are the first clan to actively boycott the Miss Clint City contest, either due to possible corruption within the contest, the Pussycats actively being involved in the contest (multiple members being runner-ups), or both.
  • Their reason for forming is based off of the Mary Shelley story, "The Last Man", where the men had died out. However, the cause of the men dying out is different, as The Last Man's cause was by a plague, whereas the Komboka's men were killed off by a bomb.
  • It is revealed in Bazalt's bio, that the volcano on their original island is capable of bringing creatures into existence, although it is yet unknown how this is accomplished.
    • It is stated by rumors, that the God Griffonmor might be part of the process.
    • This has further been consolidated in Jakobs's bio, where it was revealed that Griffonmor's ash is able to mutate the beings on the island.
  • It is later revealed in Kerima's bio, that those who want to join the Komboka have to go through a series of tests.
    • Those tests are made specifically for each tribe and contain one element of each tribe.
      • Air Tribe: Sailing and navigating with a boat.
      • Earth Tribe: Climbing on a mountain or volcano.
      • Water Tribe: Diving without any tools.
      • Fire Tribe: Walking over a lava carpet.
  • Though never said in-game, but it is implied that the fire faction may of been the dominate faction, as MKali was leader of the Komboka prior to his death, and his abilities match the fire faction's and Kuwaka is the oldest of the four sisters.

Members (32)





  • Bahari (One of the Leaders of the Komboka/Water-Faction Leader)
  • Betul
  • Duygu
  • Hewa (One of the Leaders of the Komboka/Wind-Faction Leader)
  • Hilal
  • Kupanda (One of the Leaders of Komboka/Earth-Faction Leader)
  • Kuwaka (One of the Leaders of Komboka/Fire-Faction Leader)
  • Palamu




The Komboka are the first clan to have their members divided into special factions, specifically 4 factions for each element(Fire, Water, Earth, Air). Each faction is led by one of the 4 sisters, and specialized in a specific stats or player modification.

Fire- Life & Pillz Modification

Water- Attack Manipulation

Earth- Stop Opp. Ability/Bonus & Cancel Opp Atk/Pillz/Life/Pwr/Dmg Modification

Air- Support Modifications

Extra Art

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