Regardless of how many crew members are available on the ship, some depths are simply out of the Piranas' reach. Such being the case of the Myriana Trench, Bloodh had the old worn out diving suit specifically pulled out of the ship's hold and the sailors draw straws in order to determine which one of them would go on a stroll across the seabed. Not exactly born under a lucky star, Kousto showed no surprise when he ended up being the one to have to traipse about the ocean floor with nothing but questionable equipment to ensure his safety. But his bad luck didn't end there: a strange, gigantic parasite got hold of him at the bottom of the trench, becoming one with him as well as the swimsuit. At first, Bloodh was reluctant to have it removed (especially if Dr Alma were to chop off his head in the process), then he realized that this creature had enhanced Kousto's effectiveness and intelligence. Now, if this symbiosis had turned out profitable, who was he to come in between the charming couple?


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  • He may be based off of famous French diver, Jacques Cousteau, whose last name sounds similar to Kousto.
  • His appearance is based off of Rafe Millburn, a protagonist from the sci-fi movie, Prometheus. Like Kousto, Millburn was also attacked by a parasite-like creature named the Hammerpede.

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