"Krompah the wanderer was chosen to receive a gift from the gods. He was a simple person who lived alone, hunting and foraging for bits and pieces in the great outdoors. But the gods' magic transformed him into the strongest warrior ever seen! He retrieved three powerful artifacts from inside a mysterious hiding place: a hammer that he named Olmnir, a crystal, and a stick. Krompah then gathered together the remaining yeti brothers and launched a counter-attack on the titan! ... Having been granted eternal life, Krompah gave the artifacts to a young yeti called Drak and left the village, being sure to keep hold of the ultimate solution for calming the ice scourge. He has now taken up his old profession, and is repairing lives lost in combat." - From yeti Dargohr's tome, "The Ragnarok"


  • Mjollnir: Win 20 fights with a knockout by Krompah.
  • Olmnir: Inflict 200 damage with Krompah.
  • By the Hammer of Olmnir: Win 7 rounds with Krompah in survivor mode.

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  • The name of his first mission is a nod to Mjölnir, Thor's hammer.
  • He is based off of Odin from the Marvel Comics.
  • He was first mentioned in Suqi's bio until his release.
  • According to his bio, he is the oldest Yeti of the Frozn yet to be revealed, even older than Brok, Thorpah Cr and Drak.
  • He used to wield all three artifacts, until he passed them over to the other yetis:

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