Clan Rescue
Bonus Support: Atk +3
Ability Support: Pow +1
Rarity Common
Artist Kahouet
Released October 25, 2007
Stars 2
Stats Lv1 1/2
Stats Lv2 3/3(Ability activated)


Together with his brother Marco, they make an outstanding team of stretcher-bearers. Positioned at the rear, Larry directs, gives orders and weighs up the situation. He knows the city like the back of his hand and can find his way out of any hazardous situation. And if needs be, he's right there alongside his brother, removing any obstacles that get in their way.





  • Marco and Larry might be a take on Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario Bros video game series (taken that Marco dresses in red and blue and Larry in green and blue).
  • If you take both Marco Cr and Larry (with neither of them having evolved yet) and put them side-by-side, you can see that the stretcher in both their pictures connect (on the small artwork the middle part of the stretcher is removed).

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