Leliana can't stand candy - those little chunks of sugar that destroy your teeth and cause unthinkable wrapping paper waste. So it's no wonder that the time of year she detests most is Halloween. When dealing with hordes of children hunting for sweets, she's often had her house redecorated with toilet paper and smashed eggs after having to say 'no'. However, no-one gets away with mocking a witch entirely formed by Amanie. And this year, she has decided to go into battle against the life-poisoning sweetener. Making good use of the knowledge gained throughout her training period, she's grown a whole garden of slightly modified pumpkins that will only be too happy to go about spreading terror among the children in town. That's right - pumpkins! Just because you're infuriated doesn't mean you can't be allowed a themed revenge.


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  • She was released with Loan in an event called, Trick or Treat!.
  • Her name and appearance are based off of Leliana, a major character in the popular action-RPG series, Dragon Age.
  • She is the first character since the release of Vladimir to start off at level three.

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