Lena has always fought for one cause or another but it was only with the arrival of the Vortex Clan that she finally realized her true purpose in life: to protect mankind from the danger they posed. Fearing Lena was at the heart of the events outlined in the Prophecy, the Vortex sent their elite X-0DUS unit to exterminate her. However, they failed to take into account her survival instinct and the help she'd receive from the Pussycats, who’ll always come to the Rescue of a hunted woman.


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  • Lena is a nod to Sarah Connor who starts off as an ordinary woman who is part of a prophecy to bring an evil empire down. (Most likely the name is a nod to Lena Headey, who played Sarah Conner in the television show.)
  • Her name means, 'bright one' and is derived from the Greek Goddess, Helena.

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