Lennard, a young native of Electrozova, figures among the few civil heroes who survived the invasion of the zombies thanks to a superhuman survival instinct that pushed the members of his group to resort to extreme parkour techniques. On more than one occasion, the young man saved a friend from a hideous after life and in doing so dispensed with all notion of fear. And it was precisely these qualities that aroused Kerry's interest in him, always on the search for young talent to reinforce the Rescue clan in their mission to save the inhabitants of Clint City from the next disaster. But Lennard is probably a bit too reckless… Laughing in the face of death, he wouldn’t think twice about throwing himself into a blazing building on the verge of collapse, just to rescue a frightened kitten!


  • Daredevil Acrobat: Gain 35 life points with Lennard.

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  • Since he comes from Electrozova (a city invaded by a horde of zombies) an uses parkour techniques, he might be a reference to Kyle Crane, the main protagonist of the game Dying Light.

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