Clan Skeelz
Bonus Protection: Ability
Ability Stop Opp. Ability
Rarity Common
Artist Fudgegraphik
Released June 18, 2009
Stars 2
Stats Lv1 4/3
Stats Lv2 6/3(Ability activated)


Spotty, sex-mad and immature, Liam is a perfectly normal 14-year-old, apart from the fact that he can manipulate time at his will. But to the utter dismay of his teachers, for the time being the only thing he uses this power for is to add to his collection of woman's panties and underwear.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • His power is 6, which is good for a 2*.
  • He is a 2*, so he allows you to make room in your deck for more powerful cards.
  • His ability helps make most of his fights easier.
  • He is a common, so he is easy to get.
  • His bonus ensures that his ability will stay activated, unless he is facing an all-stop.


  • His damage is low, but this is normal for a 2*.
  • He has competition from the other 2* in Skeelz.



Liam was mentioned in The New School Year comic, as a previous classmate of Akiko before he was recruited to the Skeelz. He also made a cameo appearance in in the All Over for the Rodeo comic, shamelessly asking for the "swimsuit or topless edition" of the Rodeo schedule, which makes him the first and the only Skeelz member to appear in the webcomic in a full, non-silhouetted appearance.


  • Coincidentally, he, Aylen and their teacher, Anton, are all drawn by Fudge.

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