Clan Ulu Watu
Bonus +2 Power
Ability Killshot: +2 Life per Damage
Rarity Legendary
Artist TimotheeR
Released October 22, 2017
Stars 2
Stats lv 1 4/1
Stats lv 2 8/2 (Ability activated)


To find a forbidden place and then navigate to it, you need a very clever and resourceful search engine. And there’s no better sleuth in this domain than Linkos, the navigator dog.


Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Base Power of 8 is amazing for a 2*, and the Bonus bumps it up to 10, which is incredible.
  • His Ability grants the user up to 4 Life, or 8 Life with Fury.
  • With just 2*, he doesn't take much space in your deck.


  • As a Legendary card, Linkos Ld is hard to get a hold of.
  • He's weak to SoA cards, cards that reduce his Power, and Damage Reducers: Yayoi Cr, Azgroth, and Robb Cr are examples of counter to this card.


  • His/her name is a nod to the internet search engine, Lycos, which has a black dog as its mascot.
  • Linkos Ld being part of the Ulu Watu and his second level artwork (on a surfing board, with sunglasses and frisbee) come from the phrase "surfing the web"- also referenced by the 'glitchy' art style of the card.

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