DOMINION 42 (1).png
Clan Dominion
Bonus Growth:-1 Opp Power, Min 4
Ability Equalizer: -3 Opp Attack, Min 3
Rarity Legendary
Released 07 May, 2018
Artist Bullibullo
Stars 3
Stats lv 1 1/3
Stats lv 2 5/3
Stats lv 3 5/5(Ability activated)

At the head of the Dominions is the craziest of them all: a self-proclaimed king and guardian of the swamp, who every day sends out his personal guard in quest of strangers so as to tear them limb from limb. Until the day when the stranger was Oon, and they were unable to penetrate his armor. From that day forth, Adder and the little knight - two dimwits steeped in the Middle Ages - forged bonds of friendship, and Oon was appointed number one janitor within the Tree. Oon, ever conscientious, however menial the task might be, was voted employee of the month on several occasions, which has now earned him the jokey nickname of Lord Oon.



In Reunion, Lord Oon is traveling with Hive in their surprise attack against Dregn Cr where he manages to steal his crown to give it to Death Adder.

He later takes center stage in the comic, Oon's Quest, where he is given two hours by Death Adder to find some special new material to make more Dominions. This takes him to several different places in Clint City as well as having a brief reunion with his former Hive members (who affectionately call him "Little Knight") and getting a good-bye kiss from Maana Cercei before finding Dregn and taking his unconcious body to his new boss.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • He is the first and (so far) only member of Dominion that is not a toy.
  • He is one of the few characters to have changed the clan, due to certain circumstances.
  • He is the first legendary character who has been part of another clan before.
  • He is the second Collector card to have changed his clan allegiance (willingly), with the first one being Robb Cr (forcefully).

Card Artwork

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