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Los Santos is a small country that is relatively close to Clint City. Like Balgenheim and the Northern Mountains, it has been featured in the bios of many of the cards. It wasn't give much acclaim until the arrival of the Huracan clan.


Judging by the name, Los Santos obviously has a heavy Spanish theme to it (leaning towards Mexican). According to Florida Jane's bio, it is also well known for its valuable treasures and for being the birthplace of the Huracan clan. In Lumber Jack and El Kaktus's profile, it's implied that Los Santos is a Tolatarian state. That was until Noctezuma single-handedly took down their government. However, Cage Troy's profile stated that some aspects of the Los Santos regime are still in practice, even after Noctezuma took it down. In which Cage Troy was set to be executed for a crime he did not commit (mostly due to Los Santos' corrupted legal system).

Both Kinichaw and El Divino's bios mention how Aztec-eske ritual sacrifices have been banned (Kinichaw) and being a possible agent of the gods (El Divino) suggests that it is possible that Los Santos is a pagan country. The country also is known not to be the most accepting of disabled people, treating them like second class citizens (Fuerza Ciega).



Lost Santos' enviornment contains a mix of both deserts (for El Kaktus' cactuses) and jungles. The jungles are home to the country's ancient ruins and rare plants like the Atouine mountain flower (mentioned in one of Krazan's comeback announcements).

Places of Interest

  • Calisco: A city in Los Santos known for it's music and colorful bands.
  • El Coyote: A strip bar where Derby Queen worked at before it was torn down by El Divino.
  • Los Santos Orphanage: Formerly run by Petit Coq, it houses and cares for the many orphans of Los Santos.
  • Temple of the Moon: Home to the priestesses of an obscure religion that has been forgotten until recently.


Characters who have immigrated to and from Los Santos...


  • The name of the country may be based off of a fictional city of the same name from the Grand Theft Auto series.
  • The country's former dictatorship is somewhat based off of Spain during the Franco Era, that occurred after The Spanish Civil War in 1939.
  • In the Spanish Dictionary, Los Santos is translated to, 'The Saints', which is similar to Los Angeles, which is translated to, 'The Angels'.
  • The name could be a nod to the famous masked wrestler, Santo.