GHOSTOWN 42 (1).png
Clan GhosTown

Day: +1 Pow. And Damage, Min 1

Night: -1 Opp Pow. And Damage, Min 1


Day: +2 Pillz

Night: +2 Life

Rarity Rare
Released August 19, 2019
Artist Grelin
Stars 5
Stats lv 2 3/1
Stats lv 3 5/4
Stats lv 4 7/5 (ability activated)
Stats lv 5 7/7


RIP MKali, whose existence has been erased from the map by the X bomb. How did he end up in Purgatory? Not even he knows. After all, the currents leading to the afterlife are unpredictable, even for the greatest of sailors. And it is a well-deserved title since, as head of the Komboka, he would have discovered Clint City during his lifetime, had the Waterfall not prevented him from doing so. Yet there is nothing left of his glorious life as archipelago unifier and sea monster tamer… Taken for an Indian by the GhosTown who know absolutely nothing of his legend, MKali will do whatever it takes to get out of this hellhole and return to his 4 daughters!


Advantages & Disadvantages




  • He is the father of the 4 Komboka sisters and Anne Derya's husband.
    • He was first teased in Anne Derya's mission.
  • He is one of the few GhosTown members to not originate from Purgatory.
  • He is the first known Komboka male human member.
  • Both he and Anne Derya are one of the few characters in Urban Rivals confirmed to be married.
  • His abilities with the Day and Night condition are a reference to the Komboka bonus, the clan he originated from.
  • If he were in Komboka, his faction would be fire.
  • In the Swahili language, his name translates to "Sharp".

Card Artwork

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