HIVE 41.png
Clan Hive
Bonus Equalizer: -3 Opp Attack, Min 5
Ability Defeat: Recover 2 Pillz Out Of 3
Rarity Rare/Collector
Artist Arcto Picto
Released Febraury 17th, 2017
Retired March 04th, 2020
Stars 5
Stats lv 1 1/2
Stats lv 2 1/4
Stats lv 3 1/6
Stats lv 4 8/6(Ability activated)
Stats lv 5 8/8

Shattered dreams, memories of happiness forever lost... the imperial court, its plots and finally the unexpected betrayal. The Hive call me their mother, Maana Cercei, and they are my children in the true spirit of the beehive. Each and every one of them receives my kiss: a chip linking them to me. I am their everything, their omega, the one who sowed resistance, and revenge is now mine... soon my brother, soon my love!


  • Royal Blood: Win 25 rounds with Maana Cercei.
  • Back to the Past: Gain 50 pillz with Maana Cercei.
  • Maana Cercei's Heir: Win 1,000 battles with Hive.


She appears in the comic, "The Reunion", where she makes an offer of a truce between her and Dregn at Bloodh Cr's tavern. This was all a trap where she starts a bar fight, steals her brother's items and lets the Dominion handle him. It is shown that she can shift between her human and robotic form at will.

She also briefly appears in Oon's Quest where she knocks Dregn out in a fight and gives Lord Oon Ld a good-bye kiss before leaving.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • She is one of 11 female clan leaders in the game, with Christie (Bangers), Morlha (GHEIST), Tara (Sakrohm), Octana (Riots) (as The Rocktana), Charlie Cr (Pussycats),Ielena Cr (Nightmare),Kerry Cr (Rescue), Kalindra Cr (Frozn),Impera Sloane Cr (Raptors, though shared with her husband), and the Four Sisters (Komboka) being the others.
  • She and Dregn (her brother) are the only leaders of different clans to be related to one another. According to Scylla's bio, she might've had a daughter with him.
    • Given that her name is a nod to Cersei Lannister (who also had an incestuous relationship with her brother) helps cement this.
  • She's the first card to have 5 different levels, and have 8/8 stat.
  • Her status as the leader of the Hive clan and her final form in the appearance of a bee is a take on the term queen bee.
  • In her first level, you can see her with a young Scylla. In the second, Scylla, Dregn Cr, Shaakarti Cr, Drorb (who also appears in the first and final levels) and Karnor Ved.
  • She also appears in the first level of Scylla's card and the first level (in human form) of Al-Lycs's and Alpha Dregn's cards.
    • This actually makes an inconsistency, since her Vs event against Dregn clearly shows her being at her final level. This could mean that Maana can revert back to her human self or that Maana made a robotic duplicate made to fight for her.
      • Or that the scans were made before Maana was turned into a machine and Scylla was still young.
      • This was later confirmed in the comic "The Reunion" that she can change between robot and human form.
  • She is Dregn's sister and wife, making them the first incestuous couple in the game.
  • The mask in her third level, is similar to the clan's symbol.
  • Her Cr announcement went as: The arrival of Cyborg in Clint City has saved Maana Cercei from a cruel death. The police woman discovered secret documents in the Sentinel archives, detailing the recent creation of a nanoparasite able to modify the chips implanted in each and every artificial body. This nanoparasite, created by Rahi Sledon through his experiments on Predtr Ld, is about to turn all the workers and soldiers against Maana Cercei… So, the queen no longer has any choice: for the rebellion to survive, she must leave her position for good, while choosing the perfect replacement to reign over the hive. Choking back the tears, she says her goodbyes to her daughter… “It will be okay, Al-Lycs. Cyborg, and Alpha Dregn will take care of you… You’re safe here!” But is that really true?

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