A star from spending 3 months in an apartment with 10 guys filmed 24 hours a day, Maeva would like to be a singer. But no one buys her first single. While waiting for glory, she goes from one Uppers party to the next and forms tight bonds with exceptional and important people by joining them in their fight against the ugly ones.


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  • In her first level, Maeva appaers in "The Pillz Hunt" with other members of the clan in the mission in stop to the sentinels. And fight against Dreen.


  • She is a parody of Jamaican-American singer, Grace Jones.
  • Maeva's TV show situation is a take on the reality show, Big Brother. By extension, it is likely Maeva is based off of Leslie (also known as AfidaTurner) from the French version of Big Brother.
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