As an honest lawyer in a previous life, Magistrado Ld had a hard time putting up with the Los Santos corrupt legal system that allowed many a criminal to slip through the cracks. As a result, he decided to become the law. Though not blind, his justice turns a deaf ear to pathetic excuses and the Huracan referee will come down hard on every offense with one blow of his peacemaking hammer, in the ring and out.


  • Law Axe Handle Smash!: Block 120 damage with Magistrado Ld (June 21, 2013 to August 5th, 2013)

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  • His name comes from the word, magistrate, which means a government worker who is usually a judge.
  • His bio mentions that he is the referee for the matches, which fits with his outfit and name since a referee will usually call a wrestling match, and will often have to step in between wrestlers if a dispute that arises becomes violent.
  • In his 3/27/15 release, it was revealed that the Huracan and the Sentinel are collaborating to capture a gang called Gang de la Muerte by holding a raffle with Noctezuma's golden belt as the prize after the next Lucha Libre tournament, not knowing that such an event would draw all the criminals in Clint City.

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