Clan GhosTown

Day: +1 Power and Damage

Night: -1 Opp Power and Damage

Ability Power and Damage +7
Rarity Common
Released July 21, 2017
Stars 5
Stats lv 2 3/2
Stats lv 3 4/2
Stats lv 4 4/3
Stats lv 5 1/1 (Ability activated)


RIP Mallory, a highwayman who was notorious for using just the right amount of dynamite to sort out any kind of negotiation. He liked to boast to his victims that a certain number of sticks always paved the way for healthy discussions before robbing them blind... But perhaps he got a little carried away that fateful day or maybe he just talked for too long... and BOOM!


  • Dynamite: Win five battles with a KO from Mallory.
  • Poltergeist: Win 7 fights with a KO from Mallory in ELO mode.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Potential stats of 8/8 or 9/9 with Bonus mean that Mallory is a powerful beat stick.
  • This threat can be used as a solid bluff.
  • Characters with Copy Opp. Power and/or Damage are stuck at 1/1 stats (assuming Mallory's at his final level).
  • If paired with Timber, and Fury, he can 1HKO the opponent.


  • That being said, base stats of 1/1 are dismal, especially for a 5*.
  • He relies completely on his Ability to be of any use and therefore can easily be stopped by a SoA card (e.g Roots or Brandon) or a Damage reducer (e.g Pussycats or Uranus).
  • He has no additional effects, unlike Dj Korr Cr, for example. He also has no fallback plan if he loses the round, unlike Bubbles, for example.
  • He has competition from the other 5* cards in GhosTown.
  • His 5* mean he won't be of use in anything but a T2 deck since there are better 5* cards to have.


  • He's the first character to have his stats go down after reaching the final level.
  • His death is directly responsible for Hurry Cody's as well.
  • He could be based off DC Comics character Jonah Hex. This is prominent in his level 4 artwork, due to the fact that they both have the same kind of disfiguration on their face; also they're both cowboys.
  • The name of his second mission comes from the film series of the same name.

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