After several years of working in the CBI's paranormal division alongside Dr Scoler, Mandy's department was closed down by the directors after a strange murder occurred involving some well-known Government figures. However, it was going to take more than that to quell the fervor of this ex-agent on the search for the truth. Mandy decided to join the Sentinel clan so she could carry on investigating the unexplained phenomena that were now standard fare in Clint City. And in fact, it was in the middle of one of these new cases that this single-minded detective stumbled across a corpse bearing a strong resemblance to the one that had caused her department to be closed down. Having persuaded her old partner, Dr Scoler, to join forces with her, they are now determined to get to the bottom of the Government's schemes!


  • A lie always hides…: Win 20 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Mandy.
  • Sentinel Files: Inflict 40 damage with Mandy in ELO mode.

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  • Her and Scoler (who were released on the same day) are a nod to the sci-fi series, The X-Files, where she takes after Fox Mulder.
    • The name of her second mission is a nod to the show's name. While the first is connected to Scoler's.
    • In the first level you can see she also has a love of flinging pencils on the ceiling, just like Fox does.
    • The poster she has that same level is a nod to the second X-Files film, X-Files: I Want to Believe.
  • The "X" in the window on her first level artwork, might be a nod to the strange tactic that the Movie Director Martin Scorsese would do in his movies, that was putting a "X" on the scene foreshadowing that certain character would die.

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