Markus is completely addicted to open world roguelikes. As a looting expert, pattern specialist and connoisseur of random maps, the geek used to like to say that behind a screen he was a real survivor. So feeling very confident he decided to take things to a new level and test out IRL his adventuring skills. And as someone going back to nature, he was welcomed with open arms by the Roots. But he should never have believed that the real world operated on the same rules as his favorite games… At least that might have stopped him from mistakenly ingesting "magic" mushrooms. Because now he's spinning off on a trip in which he has to organize nature into polygons to protect it from the exploding green things prowling round the forests...


  • Never ending tunnels!: Win 40 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Markus
  • A geometrically perfect shack: Inflict 150 Damages with Markus
  • Seeing Voxels:

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His base power is 8, which is good for a 5*.
  • His base damage is 5, but becomes 7 with fury, allowing you to 2HKO with other members of Roots.
  • His ability allows him to copy the bonus of an opposing card, which helps when fighting against clans, such as: the All-Stars, the Uppers, and the Sakrohm. His ability also helps to increase his power and damage if he is facing: the Ulu Watu, the Bangers, the Fang Pi Clang, La Junta or the Frozn.
  • His ability also makes him an all-stop, if he is facing Nightmare or Piranas.
  • His ability helps to play mind games on your opponent, depending on what kind of clan they are using. As such, he makes a very good bluff.
  • The clan bonus cancels an opposing card's ability, which helps makes fights easier.


  • His base damage is 5, which is low for a 5*.
  • His ability doesn't work against GHEIST, Roots or Skeelz.
  • He is a 5*, so he takes up a lot of room in your deck.
  • He has competition from the other 5* in Roots.


  • He is based off of Markus Persson, a Swedish game developer and programmer who created the well-known sandbox game, Minecraft.

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