Clan Freaks
Bonus Poison 2, Min. 3
Ability Protection:Attack
Rarity Rare
Artist ElioHoHo
Released April 17, 2015
Stars 3
Stats Lv1 4/2
Stats Lv2 6/3
Stats Lv3 8/4(Ability activated)


When Zoltan told Cassandra he was preparing a massive stage comeback thanks to the matriochkas he'd collected during his annual trip to Poldachie-Golgovine, she imagined he was planning to juggle with the dolls. What she did not expect to see turn up on stage was flesh and bone…and much more besides…emerging from the dolls’ mouths…jumping…singing…slithering… Suffice to say it's going to be a massive hit in the big top so long as the audience is well equipped with sick bags!


  • Khorovod!: Inflict 100 poison damage with Matriochka.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Her base power is 8, which is good for a 3*.
  • Her base damage is 4, but becomes 6 with fury, allowing you to 2HKO with other members of Freaks.
  • Her ability prevents her attack from being decreased, which helps when facing Uppers and Sakrohm.
  • Her ability and stats make her a good bluff.
  • The clan bonus takes away two life from your opponent every round, after you've won with her.


  • Her main weakness are cards, like: Vladimir, Jaxx Ld and Arkn, who not only cancel her ability, but also reduce her attack.
  • Her ability doesn't prevent her power from being reduced.
  • She is also weak against cards, like: Baby Q, Clara and Lucy, who not only cancel out her bonus, but also reduce her base damage.
  • She has competition from the other 3* in Freaks.


  • She is based off of a Matryoshka doll, a Russian doll where a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size are placed in one another, starting with smallest to the biggest.
  • The name of her mission comes from a form of Russian song and dance with the same name.

Full Artwork

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