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Clan Uppers
Bonus -10 Opp. Attack, Min 3
Ability Brawl: -1 Opp. Power and Damage
Gender Male
Rarity Rare
Artist francois.furby
Released February 16, 2018
Stars 3
Stats lv 1 1/6
Stats lv 2 2/6
Stats lv 3 4/6
Stats lv 4 5/6 (ability activated)


When you're born super-rich, life can be such a bore… but McLayton has a cunning way to keep boredom at bay: hunting! Thanks to unlimited funds, the body of an athlete and unrivaled ferocity, his collection of stuffed animals puts even Van Heckton to shame. McLayton has recently moved to Clint City from Poldachie Golgovine and has quickly realized that the city is full of interesting prey that might just offer him the challenge he's been looking for: dinosaurs, aliens… and the Jungos!


  • 100/100: Win 15 rounds with McLayton.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His 6 Damage is fantastic.
  • His Ability is pretty strong: it can, at it's best, make a 7/7 become a 3/3, crushing the card's Damage and Power. This means McLayton has a lot of control over the situation and can decide whether to win or to lose.
  • The 6 Damage can be used to bluff to make the Opponent waste a lot of Pillz to win, but often for very little effect.
  • His Bonus further forces the enemy to spend a few Pillz to win the fight.


  • As a 4*, he takes up a fair bit of space in your deck.
  • 5 base Power is pretty low, especially for a 4*.
  • Without his Ability, he has very little chance of winning. He's weak to All Stops and cards like Pandora and Ymirah who cancel his Ability and have a higher Power.


  • His appearance is based off of Cecil Clayton, the main antagonist in the film Tarzan.
    • If you remove the "M" and make the "L" in McLayton lowercase, his name changes to Clayton. 
  • He was mentioned for the first time in Aisha 's bio.
  • Given his love for the hunt, name and the fact that he has a reptile sidekick, he could be based off of Percival C. McLeach.
    • His pet also looks almost identical to Joanna (McLeah's pet lizard)
  • In his second level you can see him reading a newspaper with pictures of Excess Ld, Nyema, GraksmxxT Cr and Greow.

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