Clan Uppers
Bonus -10 opp attack, min 5
Ability Reprisal: damage +4
Rarity Common
Released November 25, 2016
Stars 4
Stats lv 1 1/4
Stats lv 2 3/4
Stats lv 3 5/4
Stats lv 4 7/4 (ability activated)


Ladies and Gentlemen, please let me introduce you to an incredible fighter: In the left hand corner, we have Harrow Ld. While in the right, is our reigning champion: the invincible, drop-dead gorgeous and unbeatable McNeal. Standing five feet eight inches tall with 11 stone of pure muscle, he's stacked up 78 knockout wins in a row! He can chop ten bricks in two with just one blow, tear up an entire dictionary with his bare hands, and lift 200 pound weights with muscle alone! So, place your bets and get ready for the fight of the decade, brought to you exclusively from Channel 2!


  • Countless Trophies: Win 5 fights by finishing with a KO from McNeal

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • According to his new blood announcement, Dorian hosted McNeal's fight on the latter's personal channel.
  • He is based off of UFC fighter, Conor McGregor.
  • On his second level, you can see a punching bag with the title, Free Fighter VI, on it, which is a nod to the Street Fighter series.

Card Artwork

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