Clumsy, fat and unattractive, Mimmo is a far cry from the image of the Montanas that Don would like to portray. So, he decided to hatch a plan to get rid of him. Mimmo's mission was to retrieve an (inexistent) suitcase from the Sentinel HQ. However, not only did Mimmo return safe and sound from the HQ, but he also managed to bring back some important documents about the Eye! Impressed by his performance, Don decided to excuse his way of dressing and to make him one of his most trusted henchmen… Although he might just have to go back on his word and insist he smarten up his act a bit...


  • 'Bosskilla': Win 10 rounds with Mimmo.

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  • He is based off of Vincent Vega from the film, Pulp Ficton.
  • The name of his mission is a nod to an ex-admin to the Urban Rivals website of the same name.

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