Miss Clint City is an annual event held by Urban Rivals staff where players vote their favorite female characters in a faux beauty pageant.


An annual competition which is held near every Summer of the year where players vote on who is the most beautiful and most talented woman in all of Clint City.


All female characters eligible for the contest of the year have to be released between the release date of the last Miss card and when the pageant starts.

In the first round, all the contestants will be voted by players within a given time. The contestants are later cut down to eight in the second round, where players must vote again between these eight, before being cut again to three in the final. After players vote between these three remaining contestants,

The winning character will be re-released with a beauty pageant-themed artwork and the Miss prefix in celebration of her victory. However, it is worth noting that her original card remains available.



  • Miss Clint City was canceled in 2009. It was later brought back the next year due to player demand.
  • In Miss Jigi and the story event leading up to Miss Calamity's victory, it is implied that the contest is showing signs of being rigged to let a victor win with the clan the victor is in, bribing contest officials.
  • In Miss Denna's profile, it's mentioned that all winners of the contest are granted a check for an unknown amount of money.
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