The wild Zaria and the glacial Eleanore were the favorites for this year's competition, but against all odds the winner was the 15 year old Xingshu! Could someone have magically manipulated the votes? Or did her innocence steal the hearts of Clint City's inhabitants? Who knows…


  • Against the Odds: Gain 40 life points with Miss Xingshu in ELO mode.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • She has a solid 7 power.
  • Her damage of 5 is also solid.
  • Her ability is support, plus 1 pillz, meaning that for every Skeelz member you have in your deck you get one pill back, so you can get a max of 4 pillz back if you have a mono deck.
  • Her bonus preserves her ability.


  • Because of her ability being support-based it's best to play her in a mono-skeelz deck and it robs her of versatility.
  • She's a 4 star, so she takes up a bit of room in your deck.


  • Being 15, this makes her the youngest character to win Miss Clint City.
  • Since the original artist, DeeAmmo, wasn't available, LazeTrauma had to take over in drawing duties, thus making the card a day late.
  • The voting period for choosing that year's Miss Clint City was cut short due to wanting to avoid another trolling vote like the previous year's Miss Nova. The toilet monster, Sukareto, would've been the troll vote for 2015.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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