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Bonus Stop Opp. Ability
Ability Stop Opp. Bonus
Rarity Common
Artist Arctopicto
Released February 12, 2006
Stars 2
Stats Lv1 2/2
Stats Lv2 2/4(Ability activated)


Morlha has officially been Dr. Gheist's mistress for a number years now but she is thought by many to be the real brains behind the organization. This seductive, manipulating, and Machiavellian beauty does not hesitate to poison any who dare resist her.


She appears in 50 Shades of GHEIST (in her redesign version) where the secret society that has been shown in the epilogue of, A Plane to Hell, calls her to make sure Morlha has gotten the package they sent her that will be used to defeat Wonder Kitty. She calls up a small clan meeting where she shows the item and suggests that Vryer uses it with his new creation, ARN 2000.


None at the moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • She's an all stop, meaning she stops both the bonus and ability of her opponent, without exception.
  • She has a solid 4 damage that can become 6 with fury.


  • She has a 2 power which is extremely low.
  • Even if she is an all-stop, with her very low base damage it's extremely difficult to win with her.


  • She is the older sister of Chloe.
    • On April 12, 2018, she was revealed to have another sister, Darling, who is also in Gheist.
  • Her chair can be seen in the final level of Ethane's card.
    • Ethane's bio also mentions that Morlha is a double agent for another organization, heavily implied to be the Oculus.
  • Her card was redesigned by Arctopicto on October 8th, 2015.
  • She was confirmed to be the official leader of GHEIST.

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