Clan Leader
Bonus Cancel Leader
Ability +1 Pillz Per Round, Max. 12
Rarity Rare
Artist Tregis
Released May 7, 2006
Stars 5
Stats Lv1 2/1
Stats Lv2 3/2
Stats Lv3 5/3
Stats Lv4 6/4
Stats Lv5 8/5(Ability activated)


Often imitated but never equaled, pillz are vital to anyone who wants to rule the streets of Clint City. The top-secret formula of this miracle product is known to only one person, the first person to sell pillz in Clint City, the person who started it all: Morphun.


Morphun appers in the comic, The Pillz Hunt.


  • Morphun is a take-off on Morpheus from the Matrix movie series.
  • His name sounds similar to the drug, Morphine.
  • When said out loud, his name translates as 'more fun'.
  • Until December 19, 2014, his ability had no limit.
  • If Morphun was part of a clan, he'd most likely be a part of the Junkz. This was confirmed in the comic "The Pillz Hunt".
  • His ability is a precursor to the Riots' bonus.
  • Leaders are the only cards which have a background, but it goes away when you enlarge the card artwork.
  • On July 12th, he got a redesign by Tregis.

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