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The Mythic cards are the rarest cards in the game. The addition of this rarity class was announced on 4th May, 2017.

There are currently 52 Mythic cards.

A collector card can be transformed into a mythic card a few days after an announcement is made on the site. The color for this type of card is emerald, and a different background image and a special visual effect appears during combat with the same color. In a fight (except Tourney); a players clintz or battle points can be multiplied by 5 if they use a mythic card.

Mythic cards cannot be bought in the shop or through the special collector packs. The only way to get them is to buy them in the market, trading with other players, Black Market and Black Missions, winning them by being one of the top ranked in EFC mode or through special promotions on the Wheel.

Many Mythic cards are confirmed in stories to be deceased under certain circumstances. 

So far, Robb Mt, Ymirah Mt, Ielena Mt, Cortez Mt and Volkan Mt are the only Mythic cards to be part of another clan and a different story.

In an Instagram story of Acutegames( the Developers of UR) it was confirmed, that only Cr cards can become Mythic as well as every Cr card can become Mythic.

The visual effect in the card Mythic in the combat.

Mythic Characters

Retirement Dates and News

22th May, 2017: Ratanah and Smokey Mt. News: "Mythic Cards".

3rd July, 2017: Kenny Mt and Alec Mt. News: "Heroes".

19th November, 2017: Dounia Mt, Manon Mt and Scarlett Mt. News: "A Mythic Voyage".

29th January, 2018: Nemo Mt, News: No surprise

12th March, 2017: Kerozinn Mt and Spyke Mt. News: Mythic!

15th January 2020: Cannibal Jo Mt and Tanaereva Mt, News: 2 Myths!

4th March 2020: Lyse Teria Mt, News: CR and MT: Forbidden Experiments

24th April 2020: Ymirah Mt, News: CRYPTOS, TICKETS, CR & MT

25 May 2020: Grudj Mt and Shann Mt, News: Two Cult Cards!

03 July 2020: Armanda Mt, News: Armanda- Team Chman loses one of its Stars

10 August 2020: Ongh Mt, News: The Gorilla Turns Mythic!

13 November 2020: Cortez Mt, News: Toward the future and beyond!

22 December 2020: Kolos Mt, News: The end of an era

19 January 2021: Mechakolos Mt, News: The GHEIST mecha has been destroyed!

21 January 2021: Dj Korr Mt and Quetzal Mt, News: The end of an era...and maybe the start of a new cycle?

15 March 2021: Guru Mt, News: The 5th World

03 May 2021: Carlos Mt, Thorpah Mt, Volkan Mt, News: The crooked cop, the yeti and the warrior

27th May, 2021: Splata Mt, News: 2 Departures and 1 Myth!

September 01st, 2021: Tessa Mt, News: Fight, evolve, collect... and retire

September 20th, 2021: Naliah Mt, News: Naliah is no more, long live the queen!

October 22nd, 2021 (1st): Death Adder Mt, News: ...you either win or die.

October 22nd, 2021 (2nd): A Award Mt, Beltran Mt, Cassio Mt, Diyo Mt, Dwain Mt, Geuner Mt, Reine Mt, Seldnor Mt, Selsya Mt, Swidz Mt, News: "Soleil" Report