Clan Roots
Bonus Stop Opp Ability
Ability Copy: Opp Bonus
Rarity Rare
Artist Rudyles
Released August 5, 2016
Stars 2
Stats Lv1 4/2
Stats Lv2 6/3 (Ability activated)


Suddenly, an unknown girl and some strange creatures emerged from the deep of the forest and made their way towards the Polit's Palace. "The spirits have asked me to stop this senseless deforestation and the killing of forest animals!" she wailed all day long. They knew nothing of Nausicaa, but her words convinced the Roots to provide shelter for her and her animals, or spirits, or whatever she calls them, for the night... At the same time, they would send Jeena as a spokesperson to persuade her to join the clan!


  • The forest spirit: Win 35 rounds with Nausicaa

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • She is based off of Nausicaa, the main character from the Hayao Miyazaki film, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Full Artwork

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